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5 Benefits of Using and Burning Incense in Cleansing Homes

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Maintaining a home involves ensuring the spaces in it will feel like safe spaces for people to use. Therefore, while keeping a house clean and organized, homeowners should ensure that every area smells relaxing or encourages concentration while stimulating creativity. As a result, people should feel at home and calm while being focused and productive in their work. 

One of the best ways to encourage safe spaces is to use aromatherapy as a guiding factor to feeling safe. For example, lighting an incense should keep the house smelling fresh or vibrant enough for people to feel like they belong in it. But what are the other benefits of using and burning incense in cleaning homes? Here are some ideas.

1. Alleviates Anxiety and Stress

The smoke produced by incense can stimulate the brain's receptors to have a relaxing effect. It is one of the main reasons why incense is used in some spiritual and religious practices. The smoke produced by the incense is also known to be one of the easiest ways to cause meditation and even encourage the production of a dopamine neurotransmitter. 

Dopamine, in turn, releases endorphins that are responsible for making people receptive to the world around them. Endorphins are also the chemicals that keep people relaxed when they are happy or on vacation. Therefore, burning incense can help people feel at ease and relaxed at home, in the office, or anywhere else.

2. Encourages Spirituality

The idea of burning incense to clear one's mind is not new. East Asians have been using the technique since the third century. The practice soon spread to the Western world, where Buddhists adopted it, but the course was not limited to religious groups. 

In the past, incense was used to clear the air of unwanted smells or to keep the room smelling fresh for essential guests. However, burning incense was also done to create a calming environment where people could be focused and productive. Furthermore, it was a way to keep the home smelling fresh or welcoming.

3. Promotes Better Sleep

Aside from helping people relax and create a better mood, incense can also help them fall asleep and stay asleep. Restful sleep can be a great way to recover or revitalize one's energy so one can be more productive throughout the day.

To help people fall asleep, they should look for incense sticks created with the scent of lavender essential oils. The lavender essential oils have been associated with better sleep and relaxation. They are also known to help people reduce stress and anxiety. 

4. Increases Focus

Another benefit of using incense is that people can use it to encourage creativity. For example, people can add incense to rooms where creativity should flourish, like an art room or the office. People can also use it in rooms where children play or study. The practice encourages people to be more creative and focus on their work.

5. Pushes for Better Relaxation

Aside from reducing stress and anxiety, incense can also stimulate the production of endorphins which promote relaxation. Furthermore, it can help people be more receptive to what is happening around them. Therefore, incense should be used in rooms where people will relax, like the bedroom or the living room.


It is difficult to describe the benefits of using incense and why it is a good idea. Incense simply keeps the home smell fresh and can help people relax; and a good idea to use perfume because it promotes better focus and allows people to be more creative.

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