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What to Consider When Choosing the Right Glass Bubbler For You

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When choosing a glass bubbler there are a few factors that you should take into account when determining which one is right for you. These factors should definitely have a positive impact on your overall smoking experience.

Factors such as size, shape, and quality are all very important things to consider when shopping for a new bubbler. So the next time you are looking for a new bubbler, keep all the factors below in mind and you will surely end up picking out a quality piece.

Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Perfect Glass Bubbler For You

Factor #1: Bubbler Size

When it comes to the size of your bubbler, it is very important that you pick one that is comfortable to hold. If you pick a bubbler that is too big or small, it will make it very difficult to handle, and it might also make it very hard for you to actually enjoy your smoking experience.

A bubbler also needs to have a size that is proportional to the size of your bong. If it is too big, it will be easy for you to lose control of it and drop it. The best thing to do is to make sure that the bubbler is proportional to both your bong and your hands, with consideration of where you want to use it. 

Factor #2: Bubbler Price

You will want to make sure that the bubbler you purchase matches up to the money that you have to spend. Not only does this make it a lot easier for you to find a bubbler that you can afford, but it will also help you to save money in the long run.

It is important to note that you do not need to spend a lot of money to get yourself a high-quality bubbler. There are a lot of bubblers that are priced at less than $100 that are top-quality bubblers. When shopping around, you will want to make sure that you do your research. Researching the glass bubblers that are priced at less than $100 will give you a good idea of the quality bubblers that you can get for the price that you are spending.

Factor #3: Bubbler Design

The design of the bubbler is very important considering that the bubbler is something that you will be using all the time. You will want to make sure that you get a bubbler that has a design that you really like, and one that will actually help you to use it. Things like portability and the ability to function for all the things that you want to do with it.

Factor #4: Bubbler Material

There are a lot of different materials that a bubbler can be made from. When you are comparing materials, you will want to make sure that you take into account things like durability, functionality, and portability. 

Be it glass, ceramic, or silicon, there are pros and cons to each material, so decide what you are looking for in a bubbler.

The Bottom Line: The Right Bubbler for the Best Hits

The bubbler has been a long-standing tradition in smoking, especially with bongs and pipes. While they are not as popular as they used to be, you can still find them in a number of places. If you are thinking about purchasing a new bubbler, make sure that you get yourself a quality piece that will help to make the smoking experience the best it can be.

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