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Do a Game of Disc Golf through Botany Bay in Richmond, KY

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Raring for a fun, unique sport combining disc throwing and golf? You might want to try disc golf, a game played with discs, similar to Frisbees, where the goal is to throw the disc inside a basket in as few throws as possible. It is a great way to exercise while also spending time outdoors with friends or family. Plus, it is inexpensive, as you only need some discs and a place to play.

It’s much like golf, but you don't need as much equipment, and it's cheaper. You also don't need as much skill to play. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes, a disc from Botany Bay, Richmond, KY, and a golf course—of course! 

Disc What?

The sport began in the mid-1970s in Southern California. The game's objective is to throw the disc into a basket as efficiently as possible. The game is simple, but the challenge is getting the disc to go where you want it to.

Disc golf is a game played with discs similar to Frisbees. Players must throw the disc (frisbee) into a basket in as few throws as possible (golf). It's a sport enjoyable for people of all ages and is a great way to be outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

The Difference between the Disc and Frisbee

Discs are smaller than Frisbees and have sharper edges. The edge determines the function of the disc.

A disc with a sharp, beveled edge is meant to be thrown a long distance, while a disc with a more rounded bevel is meant for shorter, mid-range throws.

Disc golfers often become obsessed with collecting different discs, each of which flies differently when thrown with a certain amount of power. Just like golfers have different clubs for various situations, different discs can help a disc golfer in different ways.

To play, all you need is one disc. A midrange disc is the most versatile.

Game Basics

  • The putt: Once you’ve bought a disc from Botany Bay, you can learn how to throw a basic putt. With this, you can get a feel for the form before adding power. By starting with shorter shots, you can better understand how to aim and throw the disc, and you'll be less likely to mess up and cost the game.

    To throw a Frisbee straight, you should release it parallel to the ground. This gives the best chance of flying in a straight line. Careful, it's not easy to make the disc flat; it takes time and effort.
  • The backhand: Place your thumb on top of the disc and your index finger on the edge to guide it. Your other fingers should be underneath the disc. Facing the basket, place your right foot forward if you are right-handed. Hold the disc close to your body to shoot a frisbee. Then, in one smooth motion, bring the disc backward and forwards, flicking your wrist at the end to release it towards the basket. Remember to aim for the basket when you throw the frisbee.

Get Your Disc Golf Game on with Botany Bay

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