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Exploring the Meaning of the “710 Friendly” Expression

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You may have seen "710 friendly" on various social media platforms and wondered what it means. The phrase has been popularized to describe the acceptance of the use, purchase, and consumption of marijuana in oils or concentrates. When flipped over, 710 can actually be read as "OIL."

Marijuana Oils and Concentrates

Marijuana oils and concentrates have become increasingly popular among users. The use of these products has been on the rise for some time due to the effective medical marijuana treatment that they provide for a variety of ailments. Marijuana oils and concentrates have also been beneficial for beginners of marijuana, as they often provide a more intense high than smoking the dry flower buds.

The Cannabinoids

Marijuana oils and concentrates get their potency from a number of different chemical compounds found in the marijuana plant. The compounds called cannabinoids are the most abundant of the chemicals found in the plant and are said to be responsible for the high associated with marijuana. The cannabinoid compounds, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), may also be the reason for the effectiveness of marijuana oil and concentrates as therapeutic treatments.

The most popular marijuana extract is the oil, which is made by pressing (sometimes a solvent, like CO2 or butane, can be used) the plant matter until the oils are extracted. The oil is also known as butane hash oil (BHO). 

Effects of Marijuana Oils 

The effects of marijuana oils are different from those associated with the use of the dried flower buds of the plant. The results can be more intense as there are more cannabinoids in the final product. Additionally, the effects of marijuana oils or concentrates do not last as long as those of marijuana buds.

Appreciating the 710 Movement

The 710 movement is a social media movement designed to spread the word about the benefits of using marijuana oils and concentrates. The movement has allowed people to speak out about the positive effects these products can have on people who use them.

The movement has also grown in popularity, thanks to the many marijuana enthusiasts who use it to speak out about the medical benefits and therapeutic uses of marijuana oils and concentrates. Clearly, the 710 movement has done a great deal to spread the word about the positive effects of marijuana oils, especially for people suffering from health problems. Medical marijuana users are using the expression to speak about the benefits that these products can bring while hoping they impact other people who may need them too.


The 710 movement has become a great way to spread awareness about marijuana oils and concentrates. As the movement continues to grow, more and more people learn about the positive effects of using marijuana in an oil or concentrate form. 

The benefits of using marijuana oils and concentrates include the ability to treat many ailments that would otherwise require the use of prescription drugs with harsh side effects. In this regard, 710 is also an excellent way for people to share their stories about their positive experiences, which may help other people feel more comfortable about using marijuana oils as part of their healthcare.

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