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Roll Your Own

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There are many different ways to smoke, vape, or eat your weed. Many cannabis consumers vape because they like the smooth, cool way it hits, as opposed to smoking. However, there are plenty of people that simply want to roll up a nice joint. Some feel like there's no better way to take full advantage of all of the cannabinoids and terpenes in weed than to spark it up. Rolling a joint is also popular because it's simple. You don't need equipment that needs cleaning, or filling with water. Pipes and bongs must be cleaned regularly, or the taste and smell of your weed can be compromised. While joints and spliffs are smokier and smellier than other methods, for many it's still their favorite way to get high or medicate.

The Art Of Rolling

Some people just enjoy the ritual of rolling their own joints. While some can pearl in seconds, most smokers like doing it by hand the old fashioned way. They've spent years perfecting their rolling technique, and set great store in how they do it. Rolling a joint with perfectly ground weed means that it can't be too tight or too loose. If the joint is rolled too tightly, not enough air gets through, so it's harder to smoke, and may go out or not burn at all. If it's rolled too loosely, the joint will burn too quickly, canoe, and waste the weed. When you take the trouble to make sure your weed is stored safely, the last thing you want is to waste it by rolling a crappy joint. Next is the question of what kind of papers to use. Many people have a favorite brand, while others may experiment with different brands to see if there are differences in flavor and burn. The most important aspect of a joint is the quality of weed, but paper plays an important part too Before you place you weed in your paper, break up your buds will your fingers, scissors, or a grinder. You never want to grind your weed into powder. You want your weed to burn slowly and evenly. When it's ground to a proper consistency, it makes it much easier to roll a joint that is perfectly round and sized evenly from end to end.

How Are Rolling Papers Made?

Rolling papers are not always made from wood pulp. Many rolling papers are made from non-wood fibers from plants such as hemp, rice straw, and flax. Fibers like these tend to burn slower than wood fibers, which makes them better for smoking. The fibers from these plants are extracted, pressed, and processed into thin paper. Most rolling papers will be combined with chemicals like magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, sodium, and potassium citrate, which influences factors like flavor, burn rate, and the color of the paper. Sometimes the papers are bleached—many folks don't care for this process. You can purchase papers that are unbleached and all-natural. Some people don't enjoy rolling papers that are made from wood pulp because they can have a harsh taste while they burn. Another important aspect of rolling papers is thickness. If the paper is too thin, it can be difficult to roll, especially for beginners. A thicker rolling paper is the best when learning how to roll. Make sure the papers you use are the right choice for you.

Ways to Roll

Rice Rolling Papers

Compressed rice is used to make rice rolling papers. Some manufacturers of rice papers use natural ingredients, while others use additives. If you don't like the idea of chemicals in your rolling papers, opt for chemical-free. Rice rolling papers are popular because they don't flavor your weed, and they burn smoothly. However, they burn quickly and they are not easy to roll with for beginners. It's best to roll smaller joints with rice papers so you don't waste your weed.

Hemp Rolling Papers

These days, many people are concerned about environmental issues and they like the idea of using rolling papers made from hemp, which is part of the cannabis family. Hemp papers are great for beginners because they are easy to roll with. They also burn slow, which means you won't waste weed. The one drawback of hemp paper can be the taste. Some people don't mind the flavor, while others don't like it.

Blunt Wraps

A blunt is made by rolling your cannabis in a tobacco leaf. Some people that like blunts feel they can get a nicotine buzz along with the weed buzz. If you decide to try blunt wraps, be prepared because they can be harsh to smoke. Blunt wraps can be purchased in flavored and unflavored options.

Clear Rolling Papers

Clear rolling papers are fairly new to the market, and in recent years they have become quite popular among weed smokers. Many people think it's a cool feature to be able to see the weed after they roll a great joint. Even though these clear papers look like they're made from plastic wrap, they are really made from plant-based cellulose. They also don't have many of the chemicals that can be found in other types of rolling papers. One drawback that some don't like is that it is a little difficult to roll with paper that is almost invisible! They can also be hard to use in humid conditions, because they may wrinkle or try to fold over in moist air.

Pre-Rolled Cones

Pre-rolled cones are cones that have been rolled for you to make things easy for you. Pre-rolled cones come in a uniform and perfect cone shape. All you need to do is fill up the empty cones with your favorite dry herbs and you are good to go.

Best-Selling Rolling Papers

Some of the rolling papers listed below have been around for years and are well-known to weed smokers. Other brands listed are newer to the market and are gaining popularity among older weed smokers and younger smokers alike!

Zig-Zag Rolling Papers

Almost anyone that smokes weed will recognize the Zig-Zag brand, which have been around since 1879! They are perhaps the most well-known rolling paper. They are made from flax plant fibers, and they are fairly thin. They might not be the best choice for beginners, but a rolling pro should have no problem using them.

OCB Rolling Papers

The letters OCB stands for Odet-Cascadec-Bolloré. The company was founded in 1918 by René Bolloré. These papers are a little thicker than others and are a great choice for beginners learning to roll. They are slow-burning and don't leave a lot of ash behind. They have been a favorite among weed smokers for many years.

Raw Rolling Papers

Not only do these rolling papers have a distinctive look about them, they are very high quality. They are unbleached, natural skins, and the company is committed to avoiding harsh chemicals. These papers are smooth rolling and tasting, and are run-resistant. The company also helps supply food and water to people all over the world, so that's a good reason to give them a try.


Juicy Jays Hemp Wraps

While flavored rolling papers are not new, Juicy Jay's wraps deliver a nice twist. The last puff will taste as good as the first puff and they have lip-lingering flavor. These wraps add a fun element to rolling a joint when you know the wrap is great to look at and even better to taste!


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