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Understanding the World of Artist Sean Dietrich

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What a pleasure it is to study the ways of an industry expert. Today, we dissect the mind of Sean Dietrich, one of today’s leaders in the art world who scored a partnership with the OCB rolling paper company. Read on to learn more about his creativity, his influences, his mindset when it comes to mixing art and money, and how he wants to protect the culture of art.

Who Is Sean Dietrich?

Sean Dietrich is an artist, a father of two children, and married to a wife with an equally creative mind. Off-tour, he resides on an island in the Pacific Northwest. He enjoys reading the writings of Hunter Thompson, Franz Kafka, Ernest Hemingway, and Thomas Pynchon. Meanwhile, he attributes Trent Reznor’s musical aptitude to being on par with Frank Sinatra. 

He claims to have grown up in an art-filled environment in the '90s surrounded by art, music, literature, cartoons like “Ren & Stimpy,” grunge music, and raves. Now, he indulges in Jameson whiskey, watching YouTube videos at 3 a.m., and studying as much as possible in his spare time. 

In his eyes, artists are change agents, which is why it’s important for him that artists make a decent living in this capacity. Artists, for him, can have a positive impact on the world. He sees this through his own work–art that is both instructional and visually appealing, his family, and his interactions with others, especially at music festivals in the United States and Australia, where there is more opportunity to meet some of the most fascinating people on the planet.

Sean Dietrich as an Artist

Dietrich doesn’t identify himself with a specific sort of painting style. After all, he is always on the lookout for new projects to work on. In addition to doing live art at clubs and festivals, he also makes corporate art for companies with specific concepts, as well as artwork for films and video games. 

Through his unique methods, he believes he’s truly starting to realize his own work rather than the big names of legendary artists. As art holds a special place in his heart, his goal is to change how the art world views artists. Thus, he continuously studies everything about the business side of things. He claims that many artists fall into the trap of spending their entire lives creating beautiful art but don’t learn how to defend themselves commercially. 

Sean Dietrich’s Sources of Inspiration

His inspirations come from everywhere, and each painting tells a narrative. He started making comics when he was 15 and self-published his first book, the “Tribal Scream” as an avid lover of comics and the combined art and narrative. 

Now, primarily a painter, he makes it a point to give each of his pieces an interesting backstory. He no longer paints to enhance his technical skills, but rather, paints for the love of painting. This also comes from his intention of producing work that is clever, insane, hilarious, and, of course, visually appealing. 

Today, his commissioned paintings emerge from looking beyond what most artists and audiences would consider. His expertise is in hard-to-find art. Much of what one sees in an industry steeped in art, music, and strange stuff is done with little effort, demonstrating who cares about the culture beyond making money, regardless of whether they have an MBA or not. 

Dietrich claims that the art community will rapidly reject you, which is why, when he creates work for, let’s say, the cannabis market, he makes certain that the stereotypical picture of “the stoner” is more than meets the eye. After all, cannabis users include some of the most brilliant and talented people we know. Now that cannabis is legal in some states, it opens up this amazing culture to people who may have previously avoided it, allowing artists like himself to design for a much larger audience. 

He also pays special attention to those around him in order to keep the industry's distinct traits and rich history from being trampled by oil magnates looking to make money off of cannabis.


Taking a look inside a brilliant mind like Sean Dietrich’s is more than just seeing his final work. This is why it’s always such a special journey to learn and understand the creative process of an artist, their sources of inspiration, and their outlook on the industry. In time, we shall see the likes of Sean Dietrich take the world by storm through their own art.

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