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Better Than 4/20: 3 Things Stoners Should Know About 7/10

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In the cannabis community, 4/20 is a sacrilege annual celebration for stoning and the act of stoning. Starting as a secret code in 1971, 4/20 became more than a way to discuss smoking weed in public secretly. However, despite its popularity, there are other numbers stoners should remember—7/10.

Unlike 4/20, 7/10 is not a secret code used to talk about smoking cannabis. Inverting the number 710 should spell out oil, a more potent way to smoke weed. It focuses on dabbing concentrates processed from cannabis, producing a more effective body high. But what else should people know about 7/10? Here are some ideas.

1. No One Can Pinpoint the Origins of 7/10

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact origin of 7/10, but the consensus is that it started in the San Francisco Bay Area. People may have started using the number 710 for cannabis in 1994 after rappers Too Short and Rappin’ 4-Tay used the number in their songs.

Meanwhile, other reports state that the term originated in the early 2010s as the term 4/20 is not fun and a new way to call cannabis anymore. Another source says that the term first appeared on Urban Dictionary in 2010 but was not associated with weed until a year later.

2. Dabbing is the Focus of 7/10

The term refers to the art of burning super-concentrated cannabis through a special attachment, referred to as a nail. One can get more concentrated cannabis products by using a dab rig and a device used to dab concentrates—usually made out of glass or quartz.

What is the difference between smoking marijuana and dabbing it? Dabbing involves the extraction of THC from marijuana through a process called decarboxylation. It separates the active chemical compound from marijuana, which is heated and pressurized.

The resulting oil is known as cannabis concentrate. In contrast, smoking marijuana includes burning dried cannabis and inhaling the resulting smoke. This process can bring the “high” to a whole new level.

3. The Cannabis-Legal States Recognize 7/10

Through the passing of cannabis law, states across the country have legitimized the use of 7/10 in weed culture. For example, Colorado legalized concentrating for medical and recreational use. In Nevada, a patient can use medical cannabis right up to 7/10. In Arizona, patients can possess up to 3.5 grams of concentrated cannabis.

However, this is not a legal precedent, as states define their laws regarding 7/10. In Washington, a state that has not legalized medical and recreational use, possession of concentrated cannabis is considered a felony. Meanwhile, in Michigan, residents are advised to exercise caution when using 7/10.

How Do People Celebrate 7/10?

7/10 is not the same as 4/20. The day is not an annual observance like 4/20 and the day when marijuana lovers across the country celebrate weed. It is also not a day to smoke in public as a protest. Instead, 7/10 is a day to use 7/10 and celebrate the culture of cannabis.

In states where 7/10 is legal, one can commemorate 7/10 by listening to their favorite music. This practice can also be accompanied by watching movies, as cannabis is known to elevate people's moods. Therefore, watching movies is a great way to spend the day with friends or family members.


What started as a secret code became an even more clever nickname for marijuana. It is a day to celebrate the culture of cannabis. It is one of the days to take the body high to a whole new level. With a concentrate, the body high is more powerful, so 7/10 is the perfect day to dab.

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