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The Important Parts of a Water Pipe

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Learning how to use a water pipe can be exciting, but choosing one can be overwhelming for those who haven't used one before. Glass water pipes come in all different shapes and sizes and have many factors to consider before purchasing one. There are large water pipes over three feet tall and small, portable, and easy-to-handle water pipes that are perfect for both at-home use and travel. All of them elicit a different experience.

For example, let’s say that you’ve recently just purchased a small water pipe called the Beaker Bong. The instructions for this one are pretty easy: you add water to the beaker, add your substance of choice, then grab a lighter and smoke away. That's pretty straightforward. However, there are plenty of features and accessories to customize the experience. Once you have chosen your waterpipe, add some accessories so you have choices and a spare part around for the unfortunate occasional break. 

If you are not familiar with the parts of a water pipe or how to use it, don’t sweat it as we share what you need to know about them in this post:

The Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is the part you put your mouth on. It is usually made of glass or plastic at the top of the tube, although variations do exist!


The accessories are parts that connect to the mouthpiece, bowl, and base. 

The Bowl

The bowl is the part of the water pipe where you load your smoking herbs. While glass is usually the material of choice, bowls can also be ceramic, wood or metal. Just load your bowl with coarsely ground material and grab your lighter or hempwick. 

The Base

The base is the bottom where you put the water. There is usually a joint that protrudes from the base that holds the bowl. When choosing the parts for your water pipe, decide if you want a beaker, round base, or a straight tube. 

The Downtube

The downtube is the tube that extends down into the water and the bowl fits into the downtube. It can either be a ground glass fitting or an older style grommet and glass. They’ll be different diameters and lengths and have different features-like water diffusion. It’s important to know the sizes of the parts to order replacements and accessories!

Ash Catcher

The ash catcher is used to make clean-up easier. It is a glass tube that gets the ashes before it hits the water. It goes into the downtube then the bowl or nail will go in the ashcatcher. It helps to keep the water and your pipe free from debris and easier to clean. 

Dab Nail

The nail is used to hit the concentrate or honey oil (concentrates are oils that are extracted from plants, and they are sometimes called wax, shatter, or budder). It needs to be heated at a high temperature to vaporize a small dab of concentrate. 


These are the parts of glass water pipes that you should be familiar with if you’re planning to use one. By understanding how each part works and its function, you’ll better understand your piece and get full enjoyment!

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