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The Smoke Trap 2.0 replacement cartridge is easy to replace and great for anyone who wants to use the smaller-pocket sized Smoke Trap 2.0 Filter Design.

Simply pop the bottom end cap off the Smoke Trap 2.0 and push out the replacement filter cartridge that is inside. Then, put a new one inside and put the end cap back on.

  • Get 3 Replacement Filter Cartridges For Extra Cost Savings
  • Upgraded HEPA Filter For Longer Filter Life (300+ uses) & Maximum Air Flow While Exhaling.
  • Easy & Convenient With Fresh Cartridges By Your Side
  • 3 Stage HEPA + Activated Coconut Carbon Filter To Eliminate Smoke & Smell
  • Easily Replaceable With Improved Replacement Cartridge System. 
  • Only Compatible With Smoke Trap 2.0